Genesis and Amazon, a Match Made in Heaven

With the holidays coming up we know the perfect gift for Genesis owners-- Alexa, Amazon's newest automated assistant, which is part of Amazon Echo. Because of the smart features built into the Genesis G90, Alexa can help G90 owners remotely control their vehicles.  This is part of Genesis' three year, complimentary Connected Services package.

Using Alexa, the user can control many parts of the G90, and with commands like, "Alexa, tell Genesis to start my car at 65 degrees," or "Alexa, tell Genesis to lock my car," the user needs only his or her voice to control the vehicle, making life a breeze. 

The Amazon Echo assistant can perform up to seven commands to control the Genesis vehicle, including turning it on and off, remote stop, remote lock and unlock and it can control the lights and horns. 

So, if you need to find the perfect Christmas gift for a Genesis G90 owner, you can bet this product would be a hit. Also, if you're in the market to purchase a G90, Genesis is currently offering a complimentary Amazon gift card that can be used to purchase an Amazon Echo. It's just another complimentary perk of becoming part of the Tulsa Genesis family. To purchase your new Genesis, visit Tulsa Genesis to see the beautiful G90 and G80 models.